Breaking The Silence ``The Book``

"Author Dara Sanandaji delivers some truly powerful autobiographical writing in this heartfelt account of intense troubles that psychological disorders can cause us...Sanandaji portrays a fascinating and often highly emotional inner dialogue that resonates deeply on these wider themes, and I felt that the honesty of the author came through in these moments very profoundly. By the time you finish Breaking the Silence, it feels as if something very private and important has been shared with you. A highly recommended read."

- K.C. Finn


"You simply cannot read Breaking the Silence without being transformed in a way. This refreshingly honest, highly detailed, and deeply instrospective memoir reached the deepest parts of my soul and left me significantly enriched with wisdom. Its deep questions, observations, and contemplations about life's contradictions and hurdles remind me of the most influential philosophers in history...Dara Sanandaji's story proves that nobody is beyond redemption, no matter how far gone they are...What a truly inspiring and educative experience!"

- Foluso Falaye


"It doesn't hold back in its intensity and coverage; it's what people need to read to understand the dynamics and what one person can go through mentally. It describes how the mind can crumble under pressure and circumstances, but it doesn't stop there--it shows how healing can take place...The general audience will find this book deep and informative, even those who don't deal with mental health issues on a daily basis. If you've ever felt on the edge of mentally breaking apart, or know someone who has, this book is for you and for them."

- Tammy Ruggles